Vision & Values


ARC's Vision


ARC Fitness – “building a thriving, empowered and successful recovery community”
Building communities for individuals recovering from substance misuse disorders who focus on improving their wellbeing through physical activity, peer support and social connections. This community extends to their families and supporters.

ARC's Values

  • To provide a Not for profit Professional quality support that is Evidence based and grounded in Best practice.

  • To provide access to all who can benefit from the service regardless of their individual circumstances.

  • To motivate individuals by demonstrating recovery that links concepts and theory to practical day to day application.

  • To Instil hope by focusing on the strength of an individual as the basis for building their self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.

  • To foster an environment that is non-judgmental, respecting the dignity of each individual

  • To provide education to individual members, their families and the wider community thereby changing public perception and addressing the social stigma related to substance misuse.


Values of ARC community

Sense of Worth
Personal Accountability