Meet the team

Gary Rutherford: Mental Health Nurse / Addiction Recovery Coach

Gary is a registered Mental Health Nurse, REP's Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and importantly - has been sober for over 8 years . Gary struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for the better part of 15 years. Getting and staying sober has enabled him to pursue a life of love, purpose and fulfillment and he is fortunate to be able to use those experiences to carry hope for other individuals and families who are actively struggling with addiction.

Gary has learning, experience and qualifications in the following areas: Addiction counselling; Motivational Interviewing; Life coaching; Level 3 Personal training ; Level 2 Fitness instruction; Counselling and Psychotherapy & Mental Health Nursing.


    Sarah Rutherford: Therapist / ARC Volunteer

    Sarah is an Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working in 2 local GP practices, a community counselling service and also in a private capacity. After almost a decade working within a CBT context, Sarah feels privileged to be a part of helping people work through their problems and thrive in life beyond their difficulties.
    “This is exactly why I wanted to work with ARC, to help support the brilliant work they’re doing and the brilliant people coming through the program. It’s been incredibly exciting to be a part of something that believes we all have the capacity to attain meaningful change in our lives and that recognises that hope is contagious.”


    David McAnnaney: Mental Health Nurse / ARC Volunteer


    David is a registered mental health nurse. In his profession he has been involved with individuals suffering from a wide range of mental health problems and addiction issues. David has a wealth of experience in these areas. David is currently in the process of obtaining his Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications and has a passion for training, understanding the importance exercise has in promoting positive mental health.

    “I was delighted when I was asked to be part of the ARC team. I have been training with Gary for the past 18 months and can't express enough how important exercise is for the mind and body. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to Support ARC in developing a program that allows people with addictions to thrive and help them on their road to recovery.”


    Edele Doherty: Massage Therapist/ ARC Volunteer


    Edele is a fully trained and qualified Massage Therapist and is currently in the process of obtaining her Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications and is a massive advocate of physical activity for mental health. 

    “I'm passionate about helping others develop positive lifestyle changes. Upon meeting with Gary I knew that I wanted to do something to help. His vision of what he wants to achieve through ARC is invaluable to our town. I wanted to be part of ARC to contribute to creating something positive for our city. ARC Fitness and all who are involved are a force for good and we are only getting started“.


    Tori Donaghy: Counselling Student / ARC Admin Volunteer

    Tori is a second year counselling student at NorthWest Regional College and helps with the administration side of ARC, she can also be seen helping out at our social events. Tori has always had a special interest in the area of mental health and helping people navigate through the difficult times in their lives.

    “I am absolutely delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with ARC. ARC is a unique programme with passionate people changing peoples lives for the better.”


    Ciaran Graham: Accredited Counsellor / ARC Volunteer

    Ciaran is an accredited counsellor specialising in running therapy.  He is sober for 12 years.  Ciaran, in his practice, replaces the confines of the counselling room with the great outdoors where he counsels by way of walking or running therapy.  He has vast experience in supporting people with issues including addiction, depression, low self esteem and anxiety.

    “I was delighted to reconnect with Gary after many years and was greatly enthused to learn of his brilliant work with ARC.  I am very proud and privileged to now be a part of the ARC team in helping people effect positive change, be purposeful and fulfil their true potential.  This is a great opportunity in supporting others to realise the benifits of running and exercise in their recovery as this is something that has played such a very important part in my own.”


    Maggs Campbell: PT / Gym Manager / ARC Volunteer

    Maggs has been in the fitness industry for 16 years and has worked her way up from fitness instructor/group exercise instructor, to manager. She is passionate about people and fitness. I love to see someone develop from a complete beginner to becoming a regular at the gym and achieving their fitness goals.


    "I am absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to become part of the ARC team. I have been lucky enough to have watched the ARC journey from the idea stage, through to the amazing organisation we see today. I knew that I wanted to help in any way possible to support this amazing venture. I'm am now privileged to be working alongside such a passionate team who are committed to helping people make positive changes to their life"