The Road to Recovery -Scott's Story

The Road to Recovery - Scott's Story


Before things got out of control I used to have a really great life. I had a good marriage, great kids and I ran my own business. Everything was good. A few years ago I started using cocaine recreationally now and again, however this quickly escalated to the point where I was taking it every day.


I couldn’t see it then, but during that time I was hurting everyone around me, I had this “I don’t care” attitude towards my life. But underneath all this I was hurting emotionally, and had been for a long time, so I tried blocking these out with more cocaine. 


Eventually my marriage broke down, that hurt, and my drug use escalated. Then I got arrested for being in possession of class ‘A’ drugs, this led to me losing my security business and my livelihood. That’s when I finally hit rock bottom.


During this time I didn’t know what to do or who I could turn to. I was so depressed, suicidal even. My family and friends could see the damage I was causing and eventually they encouraged me to go into rehab. I had no choice, I really wanted to change my life but I just didn’t know how.


Rehab in England went well but it was TOUGH. It brought up a lot of issues from my past which I had never talked to anyone about. I was though but talking helped me get to the root causes of my drug abuse. It was like a weight had been lifted from me.


When I returned home my life finally started to get back to normal and I felt like I was moving forward. Then one day, bang! I relapsed. I felt so ashamed, guilty and disappointed. I felt that I had let myself and everybody else down. It was in a vicious cycle.


I found out about ARC at the start of the year. My daughter had told me about the Facebook page and she contacted Gary for me. This was the first time in quite a while where I was excited for something. I always loved exercise and had trained years ago before my drug use. I knew how good it made me feel.


I got to met up with Gary, we had a coffee a fantastic chat. He told me about his experience with addiction and recovery and it was just a relief to hear that there was hope. I was delighted to hear that I had got a place on the ARC Programme.


I got to meet with the other guys who were also starting the ARC programme before we began.  I remember feeling really nervous but also excited to get started. At this meeting we all got to share a part of our story and that made me feel at ease. Soon after the meeting we got started and all I can say is that it has been the BEST part of my recovery. 


Gary has been a great mentor and he has been there for me 24/7. ARC has enabled me to take a positive approach to my recovery; it has given me hope, and allowed me to gain great friends. I know it will always be apart of my life. 


The group have so much fun during the fitness classes, even when Gary makes us do burpees. The workouts are tough but manageable for everyone.


I really enjoyed how Gary used the indoor climbing wall as an active 1 on 1 session, it was a great day, helpful and supportive. I also loved the restorative yoga class with John Bell, something I had never tried before.


I love the community aspect of ARC. We took part in a local sponsored walk and Gary invited our families too. It was really nice getting to meet everyone outside of the gym.


I was delighted when Gary offered us the opportunity to stay on with ARC after our 6 week programme. This connection has helped me stay on track. Even when Gary was on holiday, he got someone else to come in and take the classes so we didn’t lose momentum. What I loved about that was Maggs, the lady who took the class, made us made us feel at ease straight away, we all felt comfortable and most importantly not judged.


ARC has been like a new family for me and I am thankful for all it’s support, encouragement and positivity. I still have my struggles and I am still dealing with consequences of how I was but it’s part of the process, however I am getting stronger in my recovery from week to week. 


Thank you Gary, and thank you ARC Fitness for just being so accepting and encouraging and for always having a listening ear.




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