Outdoor Activity for Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery

Outdoor Activity for Addiction Recovery


Outdoor Activity & Recovery


Many people will boast the proven benefits of spending time outside for good reason. 

Though we might not know the exact reasons why, there seems to be a clear correlation between spending time in nature with improved physical and mental health. 

For these reasons, incorporating outdoor activities into addiction recovery can be key in staying sober.


  1. More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hormone released in the body through sun exposure. It is a necessary and easily-overlooked hormone that is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system. Being able to feel healthy again can be a huge motivator in staying sober.

  1. Reduces Depression 

Getting outside is an excellent way to combat this. Clean air, sunlight, vitamin D, and the soothing sounds of nature have all been proven to help reduce depression and the chances of relapsing.

  1. It Makes You Move

Most indoor activities are sedentary tasks, like sitting at a desk or watching TV. Taking advantage of physical outdoor activities and exercising is an excellent way to get into better shape. Studies have proven that exercise creates a sense of accomplishment and being physically fit is an excellent way to encourage sobriety. 

  1. Better Sleep and More Energy

A good night’s sleep is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At one point or another, almost everyone will fall into a poor sleeping pattern. The easiest way to fix this is to spend time outdoors. 

Exposure to natural sunlight, particularly early morning rays, can help right your natural circadian rhythm. Not only will you feel better, but you will also have more energy to do the things you enjoy. 

  1. Manages Stress and Anxiety

When you’re surrounded by nature, stress is processed differently in the body and it becomes more manageable. Business Insider notes that even the view of nature from a window can reduce stress. Stepping away from stress triggers can help reduce the urge to turn to substance abuse.

  1. Improves Focus 

Even something as simple as a walk through nature can have a restorative effect. Though the reasoning is unclear, studies have proven that time outdoors refreshes a person’s focus, and improves their cognitive function and creative problem-solving skills. 


All the amazing proven benefits of spending time outside and around nature should make it a priority in your addiction recovery.

Taking and scheduling the time for outdoor activities will encourage sobriety and improve both physical and mental health.

Whatever you chose to do, get out of your chair and into nature.


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