Keeping on track in Recovery.

It can be challenging to find and keep motivation during addiction recovery, but it is crucial in the long run. 😫

Here are some tips to helping yourself or someone you love find motivation to seek treatment:


👍 - List the Pros and Cons.

Remember, a key motivating factor is that the costs must outweigh the benefits. Therefore, take the time to make a list of all the pros and cons of maintaining the addiction. 📚

👥 - Meet Other People.

Go to a meeting, gather info about addiction and recovery (ARC Fitness is a good place to start), or look up inspiring quotes. 

These can serve as a warning for those who have not hit rock bottom, and as a reminder for those in recovery to never go back. ❌

🙌 - Ask for Support.

Support can be a major motivating factor for people. If you need help, your friends and family will likely help you find the strength you need to get better. Having the right support will also help you believe in yourself. 💪

🤔 - Imagine a Better Future.

Create goals, and think of what your life will be like once you quit. Perhaps you’ll stop spending money on drugs and alcohol and use it to travel  instead. Create both short and long-term goals so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Maintain your focus and don’t lose sight of you goal. 👊👊

You are doing GREAT 👌🏻

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