CrossFit for Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery

CrossFit for Addiction Recovery


CrossFit & Recovery


The ultimate goal of addiction recovery is whole-body wellness. Your mental, emotional, and physical wellness all affect one another. CrossFit was designed to promote overall wellness and fitness. 

Workouts are designed to be different each time, build a wide variety of core abilities, and get the most results out of short, intense training sessions. 

Shorter workouts mean it’s easier to find the time to exercise, and you get a lot accomplished in a small window of time. Increasing your all round fitness gives the body the ability to handle a wide variety of physical challenges.


Here are 10 benefits that Crossfit has for addiction recovery:

1.Physical Strength and Health – There are numerous studies pointing to the fact exercise contributes to overall health and wellness, not to mention greater physical strength. 


2.Natural Boost – Exercising increases the release of natural endorphins. Unlike drugs and alcohol that raise endorphins to extreme levels, exercise provides an appropriate amount of stimulation without the negative side effects that drugs or alcohol elicit. 


3.The Sense of Accomplishment – Self-esteem takes a big hit during addiction, and even routine goals and responsibilities become difficult to handle. Setting and achieving fitness goals provides proof that you’re regaining control of your life. 


4.Emotional Outlet – Exercise provides a healthy way to release strong emotions and reduce stress in general. 😫


5.Meditation in Motion – Intense workouts keep your mind focused on the challenge of the present moment, making for a great mindfulness practice. Physical activity that is repetitive allows the mind to wander and reflect.


6.Sober Community – Connecting with a group of people who share your enthusiasm for a particular exercise gives you a community of sober people to hang out with.


7.Boredom Buster – Those recovering from addiction often find themselves struggling to find healthy ways to fill their free time. A fun exercise routine provides a welcome go-to activity when boredom comes knocking. 


8.Better Sleep – A tired body falls asleep faster, stays asleep longer and feels more rested in the morning. 


9.Great Body – Having a body that looks and feels great is a wonderful feeling.


10.Positive Outlook – Those who exercise regularly often experience increased self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life in general, giving them a stronger emotional foundation for handling all of life’s challenges, including substance cravings.


Whether you choose CrossFit or another option for physical activity, make sure it is fun and enjoyable for you.


You CAN get healthy and stay healthy!


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