Climbing for Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery

 Climbing for Addiction Recovery


Climbing  & Recovery  

Indoor rock climbing may not come to mind as the first activity to do while in recovery. 

However there are loads of benefits for people in recovery, but it is not something everyone would consider.

Climbing can help strengthen addiction recovery in the following ways:

1: Exercise

The main goal with getting people out and about in recovery is to help them take their mind off things. Finding sober activities is a challenge. Rock climbing and bouldering can be a great way to engage the mind and body in an activity that works out the muscles and gives the mind a break.    

2: Fun  

Recovery can be difficult for people, especially with physical, emotional, and other challenges that pop up. Having fun is a requirement in recovery, albeit sober. It is also a way to build community because you can invite friends and loved ones along to compete or coordinate with you on climbing. It’s a great team or friendship building exercise.   

3: Trust   

It can be hard to build trust in recovery. Rebuilding trust with other people who you may have harmed is difficult. When you try activities like rock climbing and bouldering, you can find new ways of building trust within yourself and outside yourself with other people.  There is little choice in the matter, since you have to trust the person holding your rope and the person down below has to trust their abilities also.   

When you are climbing and bouldering, you are doing things that will help build your mind, body, and soul muscles. 

The main goal is to focus on your healing in recovery and do what is best for you.

Try something new


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