Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Exercise and Addiction Recovery.

Exercise may not be your favorite thing to do, but the truth is that regular workouts — or any kind of physical activity — can be an integral part of your efforts to stay sober.

Studies suggest that adding exercise to addiction treatment can strengthen the effects of recovery.

One study of patients being treated for substance abuse published in ‘Mental Health and Physical Activity’ showed that exercise can lead to a sense of accomplishment; feeling stronger; improved health; and increased confidence in staying clean and sober.

Here are a few more reasons why sticking to an exercise program can help while you’re in recovery:

1: Exercise fills up your time in a good way.

2: You’ll sleep more soundly.

3: You’ll heal your body and mind.

4: Working out offers an outlet for anger.

5: Being active makes it easier to deal with a crisis.

6: Exercise builds self-confidence.
The more you get into the habit of looking for exercise, the easier it will be to find.


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